Original Sea Moss PLUS Gummy Bears
Original Sea Moss PLUS Gummy Bears
Original Sea Moss PLUS Gummy Bears

Original Sea Moss PLUS Gummy Bears

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Original Sea Moss PLUS Gummy Bears Overview

    • 100% All Natural.
    • 100% Alkaline Formula.
    • Top Quality, Wild Crafted Seaweed.

    What are 102ForU Gummies?

    102ForU gummies are 100% all-natural, vegan-alkaline, gummy bears that contain ALL 102 (not 92, like most other products) of the minerals your body is made of. 

       Why Do You Need It?

      If you are 100% serious about getting your body to reach and maintain optimal health, allowing you to be the healthy, strong & electric being nature intended. You NEED to start by taking ALL the minerals your body is made of in the cell food nature made for you, conveniently and consistently!


      When you begin consistently taking your daily 102 minerals, you can expect to see several major health benefits such as the ones listed below! When paired with a fully vegan, or vegan-alkaline diet, these benefits are compounded!

      Internal Benefits:

      • Increased Blood Flow
      • Clears Clogged Arteries 
      • Drains Mucus From Body
      • Clears Colon
      • Strengthens bones & teeth
      • Regulates Thyroid Gland 
      • Helps Regulate Hormone Health 
      • Regenerates Blood Vessels 
      • Natural Diuretic 

      External Benefits:

      • Clears Acne from face & body
      • Helps Moisturize Skin 
      • Clears Skin Rashes (Eczema, Psoriasis, etc)
      • Prevents Wrinkles And Rejuvenates Skin
      • Promotes Stronger And Healthier Looking Teeth & Nails
      • Helps Remove Body Odors
      • Strengthens Eyesight 
      • Helps Shed Fat
      • Promotes Fuller, Thicker & Stronger Hair 

        Active Ingredients:

        Directions: Take three gummy bears per day, all at once or in increments.


        We are glad to tell you that the Shelf Life of our Gummies is 30-35 days shelf life.


        Please be aware that all orders are MADE TO ORDER and can take anywhere between 7-14 business days to be ship to you. Thank you


        DISCLAIMER: Claims have NOT been evaluated by the FDA.