Intracellular Biochemistry


It’s important to know that there are 4 major minerals that aid in the healing of the human body and they are phosphates, carbonates, iodines and bromines-dr.sebi. The rest of the minerals that make up the human body have a role in maintaining not only life but functionality. It is imperative that we incorporate 102 of the 102 minerals in our body into our daily consumption routine. 102ForU offers a simple way to do just that.


Your body contains over 100 trillion cells. Each and every cells in your body controls how you think, feel and act, basically your overall functionality. On a cellular level your cells eat, drink and communicate with one another just like you. Your cells contain 2/3 of you body’s fluid, this fluid is called intracellular fluid. Your intracellular fluid is made up of electrolytes and these electrolytes contain 102 minerals; such as iodine, oxygen, potassium and bromine to name a few. Now because we know that are cells eat and drink, it’s important that we are feeding our cells the same minerals that they are made up of. Understanding your body on a CELLULAR level makes it EASY to cure any disease. This is because your cells are ALWAYS renewing itself. You do not have the same organs that you did ONE year ago. So if you are finding yourself and others with diseases for YEARS. You must be FEEDING this disease. You must be consuming something on a daily basis that is infecting your cells so that when they do renew themselves the disease will remain because it’s being fed to the same disease forming foods. HOW DISEASES ARE  FORMED: a cell becomes so infected to the point that it no longer listens to the body and goes rouge. When you body tells that cell to commit suicide (APOPTOSIS) it doesn’t listen. This cell then begins to create other cells that are infected and they then infect the cells surrounding it. TO CURE ANY DISEASE you must starve the disease, by starving the diseased cells. Diseased cells eat unnatural starch based foods and anything not created by nature contains starch because starch is a BINDER. You must stop all unnatural consumption and the disease will cease to exist

INTRACELLULAR CLEANSING start consuming foods and herbs that contain the same minerals your body is made of. These are the fruits, vegetables and herbs that nature created just for YOU! You know this because these fruits, vegetables and herbs contain the same type of molecular structure as the human body. When you begin to eat foods that are consistent with your bodies make up this begins to nourish, renew and rejuvenate your body on a cellular level.